Thursday, January 29, 2009

Braces-Part 1

K has lost three more teeth this month. Two on one day! All of the teeth she has lost have been on the left side. She has one loose one on the right side. And she used her tooth fairy money to buy Fairy Magic books-her favorite books these days.
I took her to the orthodontist during Christmas break and she said that she will not need braces until next summer. She only has a slight overbite. I am going to wait and see how her teeth look when all of her new teeth come in. Hopefully, they won't look like these fake teeth she likes to wear!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Life is Just a Tire Swing

The family down the street has a tire swing which is very popular with all of the neighborhood children. Our street is hilly and curvy so it is not conducive to kids running up and down the street. This does not stop the neighborhood kids from getting around-they have a path through the back yards. They have a stack of bricks that they built to get over our fence and a few houses down they have a moved a lounge chair next to the fence so they can climb over the fence. This house belongs to an elderly couple-they must not ever go to the far corner of their back yard because the chair has been there for years. These pictures were taken on Christmas Eve-hence Ellie's (or maybe it is Annie's) Santa hat. Great way to burn off that Christmas Eve energy!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

We Miss Them!

The rest of our trip was easy and fun filled. Days were spent by the pool and with good friends and family. We had lunch with Joanne and Jenny. Joanne is an antique dealer friend from DC and Jenny is her darling daughter. Jenny is so sweet and patient with K-K absolutely adores Jenny. She has her picture taped in a notebook and her phone number written in the book (I have no idea where she got Jenny's number) and she carries it with her everywhere. It is always such a treat to see these special friends. And Joanne and I had a great time lamenting about our antique business (or lack of business-sigh!). We had dinner one evening with Terri and Kate and Kelly. Terri is undergoing some experimental chemo. It is working! Her amazing, positive spirit is such an inspiration to me. The rest of the time was spent with Uncle Mark and family. We went to see Marly and Me. As we walked out I was thinking how glad I am that we don't have a dog. I miss our 3 old labs terribly and still tear up when I think of them. K sighed on the way out of the theatre and said that she really wants to get another dog. Yikes! We miss all of our Florida family and friends.

K and Opie-Uncle Mark's wild lab

K and sweet Jenny

Uncle Mark giving K some Wii tips

Looks like K wore the same thing every day of our trip. Oh well, that's what vacations are for!