Friday, April 27, 2018

Foster Pets

We have had so many foster pets, I have lost count. The kittens, especially, have been too many to count.  Lots of dogs with medical issues.

Antwon an older guy with skin issues

Lunchbox, a puppy with a broken paw who constantly kept us entertained!

Luke who was adopted and went missing for over a year.  He was finally found and this picture was taken of him when I picked him up form the shelter he had been taken to.

One of the many kittens

Ollie, a 13 year old blind and deaf guy who is about as sweet as they come.

Evie, K's favorite.  We cared for her until she recovered from mange.

Beegee.  A sweet guy who was wild while he was at the shelter and had been overlooked for months.  He calmed down and became a snuggly guy at our house and was adopted within a week!

Sunday, April 22, 2018


K said that the after party was more fun than prom.  She liked being with a smaller group of just her friends.  I don't have any pictures of her date (who is just a friend) because they met at prom and another boy who was also meeting his date at prom picked her up.  Logistics are different when kids live far from school in opposite directions.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Spring 2018

This spring (Junior Year) seems to be all about studying, studying for the ACT, babysitting and practicing piano.  We did take a short trip to Chicago for winter break and for spring break we went to NYC, London and Ireland.

Our two night stop in NYC was brief and very cold.  A warm bowl of ramen helped K get through the day.

In London we spent an interesting afternoon at the Churchill war rooms.

We were then onto the most amazing place in Ireland called Ballyfin.  The weather did not co-operate and we had to cancel our falconry and shooting plans.  We spent most of our time by the fire, reading and eating cookies.  No complaints!

We did lots of touring in Dublin and a highlight was the library at Trinity College Dublin.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Winter Wedding

K's cousin Richard and sweet Anna Gayle got married on New Year's Eve.  It was a beautiful night and a beautiful wedding.  It was extremely cold and snow started falling just before midnight. 

Frances and Kathleen giving a rehearsal dinner speech 

Nana, Vicky and Harrison 

K, Anna Gayle, Richard and me.  I'm very short!

Anna Gayle's family

Cutting the cake.  

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Another Summer Trip

 K worked at New Horizons again this summer, a camp for underserved children.  She really enjoys it.  She also wanted to attend a drawing class so we decided on a class at Oxford.  We flew to New York and spent the night and took a morning flight to London.  Best decision ever!  We got on the plane, had breakfast and watched movies all day and arrived in London in the early evening.  We got to our hotel and had dinner and woke up the next day feeling great!  It helped that we were in the upper deck of a 747 so it was almost like having our own plane.  I'm so sad that those planes are going away.

It was so hot in NYC.  We walked around a bit and ended up having dinner at Gramercy Tavern, always one of my favorites!

Living the dream

I decided to try a kind of hipster hotel.  What can I say?   I am definitely not a hipster!

Dinner at Sexy Fish.  Disappointing.

Hotel basement.

Hotel bowling alley.

Hotel movie theatre.  

 Rooftop garden.  Now this I liked!!!

White garden at Kensington Palace.  So beautiful.  We saw the Princess Diana dresses.  I loved the exhibit.  We also saw the Queen's gifts at Buckingham Palace.  The Queen gets a lot of gifts!  

While K was in her drawing class I took a walking tour of Oxford.  Amazing architecture and history.

I also went to the Oxford Botanical gardens which were lush and beautiful.  

Dinner one night at a restaurant on the river where the punts launch. It was really fun to sit and watch them.  We finally had decent weather.

On our final day in Oxford we went to Blenhiem Palace.  I would love to go back and spend more time.  It is truly beautiful and the grounds are amazing.  We took a tour in a covered gold cart and learned so much about the Palace and the grounds.  

We went back to London and the went out to Richmond to spend the day.  We had lunch at Petersham Gardens which was just amazing.  The food was wonderful and the setting was stunning.

On our return trip to London we stayed at the Berkeley Hotel.  We loved their stunning afternoon tea.  

Then we made a stop in Paris for four nights.  After being in cold, crowded London it really seemed like we were on vacation.  The weather was perfect!  Although the summer vacation had not started yet the city did not seem at all crowded.  We did try to go to the Catacombs and the line was hundreds of people.  Next time will will get tickets in advance.

We stayed at the Bristol, an oasis of calm.

K loves the hotel cat.

Fabulous food!

Love this sculpture.

I want to live here!

After a long layover in NY our flight was delayed because this "emotional support" dog did not want to sit in coach.  Can't say I blame her!