Friday, June 28, 2013

Flying By

This summer is flying by.  We got home from Chicago, did laundry and hit the road (actually we flew and drove) to Minnesota.  K loves all things Asian.  Technically she is Asian since Kazakhstan is an Asian country.  My cousin's children have gone to Concordia Language Camps in years gone by-German, Spanish, K decided that she wanted to try Japanese camp.  When I signed her up I didn't realize that the Japanese camp is not in Minneapolis but in FAR western Minnesota.  We weren't really comfortable with putting her on a bus to who knows where so I decided to take her.  Sooo.....we flew to Minneapolis, drove to faaaaarrrr western Minneapolis, I came to a rolling stop (just kidding), dropped her off and hauled back to Minneapolis to catch the last flight back to Atlanta.  Flight was delayed and I got home at 2AM.  Most annoying part was that they did not speak English at the little tent by the side of the road where I dropped K off.  I spent the whole week worrying that I dropped her  off at the wrong spot.  I think she was happy to see me go.  For some reason I got an huge Expedition when I rented the car and when I opened the door I forgot how high up I was and fell out.  Between that and the guy speaking Japanese to me and worrying about catching the last flight back to Atlanta my nerves were a little frayed.  Fast forward 4 days to Friday.  I flew back to Minneapolis-flight delayed, got in at 1AM.  Stayed at a kind of sketchy hotel near the airport and got up ay 6AM to drive out to faaaarrrr western Minnesota to pick K up.  We got home at 11PM and K had grabbed the wrong green duffle at the airport.  Luckily, the owner lives in our neighborhood and we go to the same church.  Whew!
A quick stop for lunch in Fargo, ND, the closest town to K's camp-K was so tired she said she didn't sleep all week
I made her pose in front of the Fargo Ale tap.  Good beer!  So much for my mother of the year award.  Seriously I should get a mother of the year award for all that driving and flying!

Friday, June 21, 2013


The day after school was out we drove to Atlanta.  On Friday we left for a wedding and week in Chicago.  The wedding was perfect-beautiful bride, handsome groom, great food, picture perfect setting.  The only problem was that I did not take my camera so all I have are iPhone photos.  How do some people get such great iPhone photos????

Bagpiper was a nice touch
 Fireworks during the reception
 Groom (on the left) and friends
 I shoe shopped while K went to camp at the Art Institute of Chicago
K walking back to the hotel from camp-hopefully those braces will be off in 6 months so she will start smiling again
 More shoe shopping-this photo makes my thigh look huge
 Dinner in Chicago with BFF
 Lounging by the pool while K was at camp
 This baby isn't a baby any more!
M's birthday-glad we were in town to help celebrate

 The view from the gym at our hotel
 Lions in front of out hotel wearing Blackhawk jerseys
 Loved the doormen
 View from the other window in the hotel gym-Neiman's and Saks calling my name

K declared that she thought she could live in our hotel if we had a penthouse suite.  I think we both have a little bit of Eloise in us.