Sunday, November 24, 2013

Naked Mole Rat

Poor Bert has been sick and had to have his neck shaved for some blood work. K says he looks like a naked mole rat. He has taken possession of this chair that came in on the Swedish shipment. He is the most amazing cat when we were at the vet they told me that I would have to bring in a urine sample. My head started to spin thinking about how I was going to accomplish that. At that moment, Bert hopped up in the sink and gave his specimen. The vet was able to grab a cup and get what she needed. What a cat!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

My Ship Came In

My shipment from Sweden finally came in!  The container was due in at 8AM.  That means you have to be there at 8AM to unload.  Of all days for K's driver to have car problems.  Normally I would have just taken K to school but I gave K a lanyap and let her miss a day of school.   She helped us unload the container and unpack the boxes.  It was hard work in the 25 degree weather.  She worked really hard!  The ever reliable Winston was there to help.    Maybe K will be in the antique business when she grows up.  Hopefully she will choose something more lucrative!

Sunday, November 3, 2013


We are having a wonderful fall. Beautiful, warm days and it was hot on Halloween. K didn't dress up this year but helped hand out candy at Sheila's house. We never get any trick or treaters. Houses are too far apart and the driveways are too long. In my day (in Aspen) we trick or treated in the snow.

K and I spent an afternoon at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. They are having an amazing exhibit of living plant sculptures.