Saturday, September 27, 2008

That Chicken

K-Mom if Rock Obomo (as she calls him) wins can we move to Paris?

Me-That sounds like a plan.

K-Do we have to take that chicken with us?

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Our favorite clown is Doodle The Clown and our favorite children's store is B so you can imagine how excited we were when we were invited to the the three year birthday party of B! And guess who was there? Doodle! Doodle was at K's 6th birthday party. She is so funny-she talks non-stop while she is face painting and making balloon animals. I think I like her almost as much as K does. Sheila joined us for lunch at Taqueria del Sol before the party. I think Sheila is kind of afraid of Doodle. The big question Doodle a man or a woman? Hmmmm......

Doodle gave K a nice tat-as she calls them
Why do you supposed Doodle travels around with a ferret named Steve? Who btw is a girl ferret

I love the giant topiary in front of B

I wish you could see the look on Sheila's face-I think she is totally mortified by Doodle

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Adoption update......

.......or not. Recently when K came home she asked me if I was working on papers for her sister. I had papers spread out all over the dining room table (a project I was working on for Meals On Wheels) and paperwork spread out all over the breakfast table ( complicated lease situation I am working on). Little did I know that a couple of weeks later my adoption agency would call and tell me that my dossier would expire at the end of October and it all needs to be redone. How is it possible that they have not been able to find a four year old little girl? Soooo.....for the past couple of weeks I have been running around redoing my dossier. My social worker came by yesterday to a homestudy update. My social worker is the best and I just love Lutheran Services (my homestudy agency). I have ordered 8 new birth certitificates from the state of Colorado. Took a trip to City Hall East to get a police clearance. Only to find out that they no longer accept cash so I had to venture out into the neighborhood and get a money order. Last time I went to City Hall East I had K with me. As we were waiting for the police report a policeman hauled a barefoot, handcuffed woman through-wearing a tank top and on the bottom a 4" headband. Nothing else. I was hoping that K did not notice. But then the policeman drug her back through the room again. She was stumbling and laughing. K wanted to know why she was laughing if she was in so much trouble. Then I took K downtown to get copies of my divorce decree and the abstract of the title to my house. I swear the stairway in the parking garage smelled so badly of urine K almost threw up. Note to self, do not take child on dossier expeditions. Waiting for my financial statement from my accountant in Texas. Then I will have to send it back to Texas to be apostilled. I have my medicals all complete. I have a lot of documents that have to be notarized-I am so lucky to have a wonderful notary (Thanks Richard). And then a trip to the apostille office. Previous trips to the apostille office have been known to end in tears. But I have gotten much better at this process-and there is a really nice guy who works in the apostille office. Not the same guy who enjoyed torturing me when I was adopting K. Whew!

Saturday, September 13, 2008


K goes to this very fancy dentist-The Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry. The summer that I hosted her they donated dental check ups for all of the children. Our first visit did not go well-K cried and cried (not like her) and would not open her mouth. They were so nice-they had Spongebob cartoons on a screen on the wall and overhead. They brought in a puppet and played dentist with the puppet. I called my Russian speaking nanny and had to talk to K on the cell phone. No luck. We finally gave up. This group of dentists has continued to be very generous to Kidsave and always donates whitenings, etc... for the Kidsave silent auctions. When K's adoption was complete and we were home I was dreading our first trip to the dentist. I took her to the dentist with me so she could watch me having my teeth cleaned. When it came time for her visit to the dentist I was so nervous-much to my surprise she hopped in the chair-gave the cartoons a thumbs up and opened her mouth. Luckily, she only had one small cavity. She loves going to the dentist and always asks when her next appointment is. I love this dentist because they have internet access, they serve wine and all kinds of drinks and fancy snacks. When she went to the dentist this week they gave her a couple of pairs of rubber gloves that she just loves. She slept in them!
Glubs? That is what she called gloves when she was little.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Tubbie Time

I admit that I will never get the mother of the year award. Since school started K has started going upstairs as soon as dinner is over and taking a bath. During this time I was downstairs in the kitchen cleaning up and fixing her lunch for the next day. I thought this was just one of those growing up things, K becoming more independent.....or so I thought. She would come downstairs in her jammies with her hair wet and combed. A few evenings ago I happened to go in her bathroom.....hmmmm.....the towels were all dry, bathtub was dry. K had been wetting her hair in the sink and putting on her jammies. Ewwww! I'm glad she is still swimming a lot, but still..... So now we are back to our routine of her bathing in my bathroom with lots of Mr. Bubble and me washing her hair. Much easier with the sprayer in my bathtub. Can I go to college with her to make sure she washes her hair?????

Friday, September 5, 2008

Lunch at School

Yesterday I had lunch at school with K-the noise level and chaos never fail to amaze me! K always loves it when I have lunch with her and all the kids climb all over me, screaming "Mrs. Bidwell, Mrs. Bidwell or K's mom, K's mom" Here is a picture of Vivian (she and K were in kindergarten together) and K enjoying a little lunch.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Ellie and Annie!

Yesterday Ellie and Annie turned eight. One of their favorite things about spending the night with K seems to be wearing K's jammies. K does have great pajamas-I get her jammies at The White Company in London. This summer when I was in London I bought some jammies for Ellie and Annie for their birthday. K has been waiting for over a month to give them their birthday present. So yesterday she left the present on their porch as soon as she was finished with tutoring. About an hour later, Ellie and Annie came over (it was around 4:30) wearing their new jammies and said that their mother told them to come over and say thank you. Wish I had gotten a picture-they looked so cute!