Monday, September 8, 2008

Tubbie Time

I admit that I will never get the mother of the year award. Since school started K has started going upstairs as soon as dinner is over and taking a bath. During this time I was downstairs in the kitchen cleaning up and fixing her lunch for the next day. I thought this was just one of those growing up things, K becoming more independent.....or so I thought. She would come downstairs in her jammies with her hair wet and combed. A few evenings ago I happened to go in her bathroom.....hmmmm.....the towels were all dry, bathtub was dry. K had been wetting her hair in the sink and putting on her jammies. Ewwww! I'm glad she is still swimming a lot, but still..... So now we are back to our routine of her bathing in my bathroom with lots of Mr. Bubble and me washing her hair. Much easier with the sprayer in my bathtub. Can I go to college with her to make sure she washes her hair?????


Jennifer said...

That's so funny! Cute pictures! Looks like fun!

Shana said...

What a sneaky little one! She looks too cute snorkeling in your bath tub, though!