Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Dog Whisperer

The day that one of the big storms was supposed to hit I was running to work out and spotted a doberman in the middle of the street.  I pulled over to help and another woman was trying to get him to come to her.  He was very wary and would not come to either one of us.  I went on to my class and an hour and half later he was still in the same spot.  He would not come to me.  A woman was pulling out of a driveway and told me he had been there all night but would not come to her.  I went home to get some food and K.  I put a bowl of food out and he ate all of  the food.  It was freezing so I got in the car to warm up and told K to see if she could get him to eat more.  The next thing I knew he was in the car in her lap, licking her face.  
We were able to get to the Humane Society before they closed because of the bad weather and he was chipped.  We contacted the owner and arranged to meet.  The dog lives close to downtown so he was pretty far from home.  His owner doesn't work too far from where we live.  The odd thing is why he stayed in the same spot for 24 hours.  So glad that had a happy ending!

Sunday, March 1, 2015


How is it possible that K is 15????  For her birthday we went to Neiman's and had her makeup done.  Her comment was "Oh Lordy I look like a Kardashian."  I think she has been living in the south too long.  She looked like she was about to cry.  So went went to Sephora and used some makeup remover to take all of the makeup off.

 Then we stopped at Saks and had her makeup done and she was much happier.  She looks more like herself!

K and her cousins went to Midevil times for dinner. She loved it. So sweet of them to take her! William got into med school and is leaving Atlanta. We are so sad but we think it is so cool that he is going ot be a fourth generation doctor! And Nataly has a job in Chicago.