Sunday, January 27, 2013

Quick Getaway

We took advantage of the long holiday weekend and took a quick trip to California.  It was  a picture perfect weekend. Warm weather, sparkling water and views of Catalina and the snowcapped mountains.  

We had no specific plans for our trip other than to spend time with a few good friends (and their hairless cats!)  K loves hairless cats and always begs for one for several weeks after we spend time with these cuties.  They really are so sweet and always snuggling to stay to warm.  

Our weekend evolved into a girls weekend.  Shopping at Fashion Island, lots of eating, manicures and pedicures with an ocean view at Crystal Cove, a basketball game and more eating.  Another highlight for K was a trip to B Candy.  Love their new ice cream!

Mama the hairless cat

Hanging out on our friend's deck and watching the surfers

Sunset view from another friend's house-imagine this every evening!

B Candy-such a cute store

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Old Friends

The most enjoyable part of our holiday was getting together with all of our Atlanta friends. We had a few parties which was a great way to see lots of people. I was having so much fun I didn't even take any pictures. I did take pictures one day when K and Olivia went skating. They were so happy to see each other-the pictures speak for themselves.

Totally unrelated but so typical of Atlanta I spotted this hawk in our neighbor's tree.  There were actually two of them (unusual) but by the time I got my camera the other one flew off.  The next day I was walking Luna and a hawk swooped down and grabbed a squirrel right in front of us.  I have seen this happen before but it always sends chills up my spine.
Got a quick picture before our New Year's Day party started.  I have been spending too much time on Pinterest.  I have seen those cups of celery and carrots pinned by many people-they were the hit of the party.
I made this chocolate tart for a dinner party for old friends.  Delicious and so easy.