Sunday, January 13, 2013

Old Friends

The most enjoyable part of our holiday was getting together with all of our Atlanta friends. We had a few parties which was a great way to see lots of people. I was having so much fun I didn't even take any pictures. I did take pictures one day when K and Olivia went skating. They were so happy to see each other-the pictures speak for themselves.

Totally unrelated but so typical of Atlanta I spotted this hawk in our neighbor's tree.  There were actually two of them (unusual) but by the time I got my camera the other one flew off.  The next day I was walking Luna and a hawk swooped down and grabbed a squirrel right in front of us.  I have seen this happen before but it always sends chills up my spine.
Got a quick picture before our New Year's Day party started.  I have been spending too much time on Pinterest.  I have seen those cups of celery and carrots pinned by many people-they were the hit of the party.
I made this chocolate tart for a dinner party for old friends.  Delicious and so easy.


PiLibrarian said...

Hi Jeannine -- I was bummed to miss the New Year's party -- clearly it was a lot of fun! We stayed in TN until the 2nd -- my dad's ill and we need to spend all the time we can with him. Hope being back in Dallas is ok, but I'd love to have you both back in ATL.

Lori said...

Your party prep looks gorgeous! I just pinned the carrot/celery cups the other day. lol
Wow about the hawk, that's my fear!! I think our dogs might be too big, but it still scares me, ya just never know. Why is it unusual for two hawks? I spotted two on our beach this summer/fall.
The skating pics are darling.:)

Eloise said...

Love your beautiful table for your New Year's party!

I saw you today at the speaker at MIS but didn't get a chance to say hello. Let's make plans for lunch soon!

Hope things are going well for you and K.