Monday, July 23, 2012

More Summer Fun

 We came home and unpacked.  Threw more clothes in a suitcase and away we went to Northern Wisconsin (Door County).  Alas since my life has gone so wrong and we don't have a plane, we drove.  

But before we left we had our cute neighbors over for dinner.  They are so big.  And aren't they just adorable?  Nothing like a dinner party the night before a road trip!

  The farms in Wisconsin were beautiful.  All of the barns are decorated with quilts.  So cute and I did not get any pictures.

We got together with good friends and some farm animals

Watched some cows being milked.

 My photos do not do the beautiful farmland justice.

A ride on an antique fireboat in Lake Michigan past some beautiful lighthouses.

Fireworks over Lake Michigan

Saw this little friend who has grown so much since last summer. 

One of K's cousins, they really do adore each other!

Then down to Chicago and more swimming in Lake Michigan with these cuties

Hanging out with BFF Bev and the kids

Mackie and new baby Delaney

Another wild little cousin

 The view from Bev's apartment

Millenium Park  

Pete and K in Lake Michigan taken from the 32nd floor apartment


Saturday, July 21, 2012

What we Bought

Traveling with kids does not allow for a lot of shopping.  I did buy some oil paintings in Lyon that I bought home in my luggage and plan to sell.  Also, bought some wonderful glasses in Venice that I some how managed to get home in my carry on.  All 12 of them.  Do I need more glasses?  No, but they are beautiful.  Our big score was French pharmacy items.  I can spend hours in French pharmacies.  I always love the free samples they include.  K was having a skin problem in Italy so we ventured into an Italian pharmacy.  I pointed to the problem and the stooped over woman led us to a shelf and went through the products.  "Tonico, ah, no tonico" as she looked more closely at Ks face.  After much thought she came up with the correct combination of products.  She then looked at my face and pointed to my eyes and forehead and made a clucking noise.  I ended up with all kinds of wrinkle products.  It was worse than the pressure I feel in the cosmetics department at Neiman's.  
We also bought beautiful linen throws in Portofino and stocked up on Petite Bateaux unmentionables for K.  

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lake Garda

On our last day we had to drive from Asolo to Milan to catch a flight. I thought about stopping in Verona for lunch but as we were nearing Vernoa the girls were not hungry yet. Just a bit later they declared they were hungry. Of course!  I pulled off the autostrada and looked at the map and it looked like we were very close to Lake Garda.  I got on Trip Advisor and found a restaurant that appeared to be not too far out of our way.  The stars aligned.  We easily found the restaurant and it had a wonderful lake view and great food.  Our last fabulous Italian lunch.  After lunch we walked around the lake and the girls decided that they would like to spend a couple of weeks at the lake.  If only!

K with sketch pad in hand.  She had been drawing the little cat in the right corner.

Saturday, July 14, 2012


We stayed in the charming hill town of Asolo.  Our hotel had a terrace with the most amazing views where we had breakfast and dinner.  

Our hotel

WE visited this little town and had lunch and ice cream one afternoon

Breakfast on the terrace

Dinner on the terrace