Thursday, July 12, 2012


I am always amazed by Venice.  There is nothing more magical than pulling into Venice on a water taxi.  I reserved parking online in the San Marco garage.  So easy.  We pulled up and they had our name on a list and we pulled right into the garage.  When we emerged from the garage there were throngs of people.  The girls looked around and said it was not what they had expected.  We made our way through the crowds and grabbed a vaparetto.  As we motored throughout the Grand Canal they said it was still not what they expected.  Hmmmm...Wonder if they thought it would be water slides, rides and characters?????

Loved this little store

This little turtle was in a pond at the Cipriani, so cute, he struggled to get out for a bite of apple

Relaxing lunch at the Danieli-loved the view

For an afternoon break we took the little boat to the Cipriani for drinks by the pool

Leaving the Cipriani

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Lori said...

Ha, that's funny, I just used the word "magical" in my last comment ~ it really is! So true about arriving into Venice, there is just nothing like it!:)
These pictures are all really, really wonderful, you did a great job capturing it's beauty!