Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What They Ate

K is generally a healthy eater but not very adventurous. Her friends is a healthy, adventurous eater. Our first dinner was fondue. The best fondue I have ever had. It was rich and nutty. Maybe it was the perfect alpine setting that made it so good? The girls were a little silly that night after a long day of travel.

 We discovered kids menus in France. I don't know why I just found out about this on our last trip. The food is good-no chicken nuggets. The girl's choice was usually fish, often salmon. In Lyon we ate at two Paul Bocuse restaurants, Nord and Sud. Lunch was at Monoprix because the girls slept in-sushi, yogurt smoothies and lots of Little Schoolboy cookies. I intended to keep the cookie box to compare ingredients because they are so much better than the ones we buy here.  In Avignon we had Vietnamese and Thai food at K's request.

The girls ate lots of ice cream and gelato.  Usually chocolate.  I always had coffee flavor but I tried speculoos one time and it was great.

In Italy it was more fish and lots of pasta.   In Venice we had lunch at the Hotel Daneili for the wonderful view.  The food was great also.  Dinner was at Harry's Bar.  The girls loved it and I think the pasta was some of the best that we had.  The girls each had had a non alcoholic bellini.

We discovered many fun new drinks.  The girls had delicious fruit punch at the Splendido in Portofino.  We broke the bank with Spites at the Cipriani in Venice.  We also discovered a drink called "Diablo" on France.  It is kind of like a Shirley Temple but comes in different flavors.  The girls favorite was citron.

We had many memorable meals.

Sugary snacks in Isle Sur la Sorgue.

Followed by some dog petting

Fondue in Cogne, Italy

In France, the girls discovered some new drinks called "diablos."  They are kind of like a Shirley Temple but they come in different flavors, the girl's favorite was citron.   Having a diablo in our favorite courtyard in Avignon.

Sunday brunch at the Intercontinental Hotel in Monte Carlo

Our favorite place in Portofino-we ate here several times.  I loved how they have throws on the backs of the chairs in case it is chilly.  Nice touch.

Lunch at the Splendido in Portofino

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