Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lake Garda

On our last day we had to drive from Asolo to Milan to catch a flight. I thought about stopping in Verona for lunch but as we were nearing Vernoa the girls were not hungry yet. Just a bit later they declared they were hungry. Of course!  I pulled off the autostrada and looked at the map and it looked like we were very close to Lake Garda.  I got on Trip Advisor and found a restaurant that appeared to be not too far out of our way.  The stars aligned.  We easily found the restaurant and it had a wonderful lake view and great food.  Our last fabulous Italian lunch.  After lunch we walked around the lake and the girls decided that they would like to spend a couple of weeks at the lake.  If only!

K with sketch pad in hand.  She had been drawing the little cat in the right corner.

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