Saturday, December 14, 2013


Look who got her braces off!

Sunday, December 8, 2013


The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of dinner parties and Thanksgiving.  We had some friends over for dinner the weekend before Thanksgiving.  I just reset the table and was ready for Thanksgiving!

Serving pieces out and labeled.  OCD, who me???
Sheila and I had planned a champagne toast but she was late and everyone was well into their wine and we couldn't refocus them on champagne.  
I am thankful for friends but most thankful that Leticia works on Thanksgiving.  She said she worked hard but had a lot of fun.  Love her!!!
K was thankful that Charlotte and her mom made it to Atlanta for Thanksgiving
Wild child Olivia
Santa stopped by our table at the St Regis while we were at a baby shower

And we had another dinner party because Louise (Mignon's sister) was in town and we were celebrating Mignon's cancer free scan!!!  We laughed about the past two years.  Little Mignon helping me load a trumeau into the van when she weighed 85 pounds.  I was the only one who told her she looked good. Now she is complaining because she weighs 110.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Naked Mole Rat

Poor Bert has been sick and had to have his neck shaved for some blood work. K says he looks like a naked mole rat. He has taken possession of this chair that came in on the Swedish shipment. He is the most amazing cat when we were at the vet they told me that I would have to bring in a urine sample. My head started to spin thinking about how I was going to accomplish that. At that moment, Bert hopped up in the sink and gave his specimen. The vet was able to grab a cup and get what she needed. What a cat!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

My Ship Came In

My shipment from Sweden finally came in!  The container was due in at 8AM.  That means you have to be there at 8AM to unload.  Of all days for K's driver to have car problems.  Normally I would have just taken K to school but I gave K a lanyap and let her miss a day of school.   She helped us unload the container and unpack the boxes.  It was hard work in the 25 degree weather.  She worked really hard!  The ever reliable Winston was there to help.    Maybe K will be in the antique business when she grows up.  Hopefully she will choose something more lucrative!

Sunday, November 3, 2013


We are having a wonderful fall. Beautiful, warm days and it was hot on Halloween. K didn't dress up this year but helped hand out candy at Sheila's house. We never get any trick or treaters. Houses are too far apart and the driveways are too long. In my day (in Aspen) we trick or treated in the snow.

K and I spent an afternoon at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. They are having an amazing exhibit of living plant sculptures.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


We've been MIA this fall. We are back in Atlanta. It's nice to be in a house again. K is going to the Friends School of Atlanta. Good so far.

We did take a quick back trip back to TX to complete K's re-adoption.  Easy peasy.  I call Texas the can do state and GA the can't do state.  Here we are in San Antonio with our judge.  The whole thing took 5 minutes.
Flew to Dallas and hung out with friends for the long weekend.

Stayed here-loved it!
Saw more friends.  Look who moved to Dallas!!
K and Ava look like zombies-they were watching a movie while they had some frozen yogurt.
Back in Atlanta at the blessing of the animals.
Liza and Gumbo
Sheila's mother turned 85.  Love her giant margarita!
Claire and Eric
Dottie telling a very involved story about why they were late.  There was guy in a white van in their driveway and so she went out with a gun to see who it was.  Scared the poor guy to death-he was there to do some repairs.

Friday, September 13, 2013

One last Stop!

Our last twenty four hours were a whirlwind.  We flew from Stockholm and arrived in London around 10PM.  We stayed at a Sofitel at the airport and I was doing back flips because it really was in the airport terminal-we pushed our luggage cart into the room.  We didn't even have to go outside.  How cool is that?  I told K to get to sleep because we had to get up in a few short hours.  Our driver was right on time at 7AM.   We pushed our cart out of the room and to our waiting driver.  We went to the Wolseley and had a great breakfast.  Then a little shopping.  Little White Company, Persephone and few other favorites.  Then we headed to the airport and home.

I cleaned my plate!

K was not a big fan of her sausages

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Stockholm Archipelago

K and I are smitten with Scandinavia.  When we originally planned this trip I thought that we were going to see the giant Norwegian fjords.  That was my only expectation.  No giant Fjords.  When we got home I went back and looked at the website for the cruise and there were pictures of giant fjords.  So I guess we need to take another trip to see giant fjords.
When we left Sandham we sailed through the Stockholm Archipelago.  It was jaw dropping.  We had to have a pilot who was familiar with the area sail the boat.  For several hours we wound in and out of little islands.  Some no more than big rocks poking out of the water with a single house or lighthouse.   The weather was perfect and we were followed the entire time by different boats from large to small.    It felt like we were leading a parade.  People were honking and waving.  It was a wonderful ending to a perfect trip.


Our next wonderful surprise was Stockholm. Beautiful buildings, azure blue skies and sparkling blue water. We had more wonderful food and stayed in of my favorite hotels of all times, the Lydmar.

Our last breakfast on the boat.

Bye, bye Windstar.  Hope to see you again.

Love the bird on the statue's head.

Lunch at a food hall.  The girls are living it up with lobster.  From Canada.

The view from our room