Wednesday, October 23, 2013


We've been MIA this fall. We are back in Atlanta. It's nice to be in a house again. K is going to the Friends School of Atlanta. Good so far.

We did take a quick back trip back to TX to complete K's re-adoption.  Easy peasy.  I call Texas the can do state and GA the can't do state.  Here we are in San Antonio with our judge.  The whole thing took 5 minutes.
Flew to Dallas and hung out with friends for the long weekend.

Stayed here-loved it!
Saw more friends.  Look who moved to Dallas!!
K and Ava look like zombies-they were watching a movie while they had some frozen yogurt.
Back in Atlanta at the blessing of the animals.
Liza and Gumbo
Sheila's mother turned 85.  Love her giant margarita!
Claire and Eric
Dottie telling a very involved story about why they were late.  There was guy in a white van in their driveway and so she went out with a gun to see who it was.  Scared the poor guy to death-he was there to do some repairs.

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linda said...

Awww K is so grown up- you are an amazing Mom to her.