Friday, September 13, 2013

One last Stop!

Our last twenty four hours were a whirlwind.  We flew from Stockholm and arrived in London around 10PM.  We stayed at a Sofitel at the airport and I was doing back flips because it really was in the airport terminal-we pushed our luggage cart into the room.  We didn't even have to go outside.  How cool is that?  I told K to get to sleep because we had to get up in a few short hours.  Our driver was right on time at 7AM.   We pushed our cart out of the room and to our waiting driver.  We went to the Wolseley and had a great breakfast.  Then a little shopping.  Little White Company, Persephone and few other favorites.  Then we headed to the airport and home.

I cleaned my plate!

K was not a big fan of her sausages

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linda said...

Very cool trip!