Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Stockholm Archipelago

K and I are smitten with Scandinavia.  When we originally planned this trip I thought that we were going to see the giant Norwegian fjords.  That was my only expectation.  No giant Fjords.  When we got home I went back and looked at the website for the cruise and there were pictures of giant fjords.  So I guess we need to take another trip to see giant fjords.
When we left Sandham we sailed through the Stockholm Archipelago.  It was jaw dropping.  We had to have a pilot who was familiar with the area sail the boat.  For several hours we wound in and out of little islands.  Some no more than big rocks poking out of the water with a single house or lighthouse.   The weather was perfect and we were followed the entire time by different boats from large to small.    It felt like we were leading a parade.  People were honking and waving.  It was a wonderful ending to a perfect trip.

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