Thursday, October 30, 2008

All Dressed Up!

It's not often that K and I are all dressed up. Especially me-I am usually in flip flops. But we went to a wedding last weekend so we were all dressed up and Winston took some pictures before he drove us downtown to the wedding. The wedding was a ton of fun-Chrissy and Tommy are such a sweet couple!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Trip to Portofino

K and I were so excited that Eileen had a conference in Orlando. So we flew down to hang out with the Noah and Sonia (both from the same town K is from) while Eileen was in her meetings. While Eileen was working, here is what we were up to........

We started the day watching cartoons

Spent a lot of time in the pool

Ate ice cream

Loved the waterslide at the hotel

Sonia was just tall enough (36") to go on the slide!

Noah won the canonball contest!

We all spent an evening playing mini golf

K got hit in the face by the squirting snowman

We spent a day at Disney's Wild Animal Park

The goats weren't so wild-but so cute

K and Noah did some drumming

We had a little time after Eileen and the kids left so we went back to Blizzard Beach and played the South Pole Course. K got a hole in one!

The hotel looked just like Portofino. After a glass of wine I could almost pretend I was in Portofino-one of my favorite places in the world. Think I could use a trip to the REAL Portofino. As a friend of mine says, practice the 3 P's as often as possible. Paris, Provence, Portofino!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Gone are the days....

....of peter pan collars, hair bows and bishop dresses. Yep, this is what K wore to school today. A stained Margaritaville t-shirt (thank you Uncle Mark for the t-shirt), a faded too small skort from Target. And what is up with the black wrist band???? Even worse, I am picking her up early from school today and we are going out of town. She will be wearing this getup on the plane. Sigh.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Put us on eBay!

Ellie and Annie came over yesterday afternoon as they do most afternoons. They had been to gymnastics and were looking quite cute in their gymnastics outfits. I decided to take some pictures and they decided that their best pose was on the floor with their legs over their heads-K had to join in the fun. They loved the pictures and Ellie (or maybe it was Annie!) screamed "Put us on eBay!" I am hoping that she meant that I should put the pictures on the blog.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Scarecrows at the Botanical Gardens

Today after church K and I went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. I had an assignment for my photography class that I wanted to work on. It was a composition assignment-I find that so difficult. I was just hoping that I could take enough photos to get through the assignment. I did not realize that the Botanical Gardens was having "Scarecrows in the Garden". There were 90 cute and creative scarecrows. K wanted her picture taken with every scarecrow-so I obliged her. She certainly wasn't dressed to be photographed and I didn't even have a brush with me. I shot everything on auto so I didn't get any great photographs but we had such a great time it didn't matter. The weather was perfect and the funny scarecrows made us laugh and laugh! And, oh, I think I got some good shots for my photography assignment.

K thinks that this could be Mr. Boo's wife

Friday, October 10, 2008

More Watercolor Photos

People often comment that K is such a lucky girl. My response is always that, no, actually I am the the lucky one!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Walk to School Day..... the rain. Today was Walk to School Day. This is always such a fun day-everybody out walking to school. This morning when we started out it was drizzling and still dark. At first I thought that maybe they had cancelled Walk to School Day because we were the only ones out. Nobody on our street goes to public school but once we crossed Northside (yikes!) there were more people out. We caught up with Lizzie and her mom and walked with them. It was so nice to chat with Elizabeth and get caught up on things. Usually on Walk to Day there are all kinds of fun activities going on a lot going but this morning everyone just ran in and headed for their classrooms. I walked part of the way back with Annabelle's dad. Nice to get caught up with him-this year is going by so quickly we have not seen Annabelle since school started. As I crossed Northside it really started to pour but guess who was waiting for me with a big hot latte? Winston! He drove me the rest of the way home.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Weekend in Watercolor

K had fall break this week so we decided to take a little trip to Watercolor with our good friends sweet Malissa and Baby Anna. Malissa and I became friends when we were both having major adoption paperwork problems. Malissa finally gave up on Kazakhstan (for good reason) and adopted baby Anna from Russia. As luck would have it, I was in Paris during Malissa's final trip to bring baby Anna home so I flew to Moscow to be with her during that part of the trip. I was so honored that she included me in this very special time. Baby Anna captured my heart the first moment that I saw her in Moscow. She is such a cutie-she calls K, Katie Bear. I think the name may stick. We had a wonderful weekend of sandcastles, walks on the beach and bike riding. One morning, baby Anna and I were up extra early so I took her to Starbucks in her cute Little White Company jammies. She was quite a hit! I think this may have to be an annual trip.

I love this sweet child!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Trevor!

Last Sunday we celebrated Trevor's 8th birthday. His mother, Selena, is much braver than I am, she invited the entire second grade class plus some neighborhood friends. She had the party at a park so the kids had a great time, climbing trees, playing in the waterfalls and creeks and getting very muddy. Well, except for my girlie girl who does not like to get muddy. Everyone had hot dogs and birthday cake and it was a wonderful end of September Sunday.

Trevor-the birthday boy

Brooks-second grade heart throb

Frannie-she is such a cutie and so sweet
Lachlin-Trevor's little brother