Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Weekend in Watercolor

K had fall break this week so we decided to take a little trip to Watercolor with our good friends sweet Malissa and Baby Anna. Malissa and I became friends when we were both having major adoption paperwork problems. Malissa finally gave up on Kazakhstan (for good reason) and adopted baby Anna from Russia. As luck would have it, I was in Paris during Malissa's final trip to bring baby Anna home so I flew to Moscow to be with her during that part of the trip. I was so honored that she included me in this very special time. Baby Anna captured my heart the first moment that I saw her in Moscow. She is such a cutie-she calls K, Katie Bear. I think the name may stick. We had a wonderful weekend of sandcastles, walks on the beach and bike riding. One morning, baby Anna and I were up extra early so I took her to Starbucks in her cute Little White Company jammies. She was quite a hit! I think this may have to be an annual trip.

I love this sweet child!


a. said...

Gorgeous photos as always :-)

Jennifer said...

Beautiful pictures! You need to blow up and frame the first one!