Sunday, October 12, 2008

Scarecrows at the Botanical Gardens

Today after church K and I went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. I had an assignment for my photography class that I wanted to work on. It was a composition assignment-I find that so difficult. I was just hoping that I could take enough photos to get through the assignment. I did not realize that the Botanical Gardens was having "Scarecrows in the Garden". There were 90 cute and creative scarecrows. K wanted her picture taken with every scarecrow-so I obliged her. She certainly wasn't dressed to be photographed and I didn't even have a brush with me. I shot everything on auto so I didn't get any great photographs but we had such a great time it didn't matter. The weather was perfect and the funny scarecrows made us laugh and laugh! And, oh, I think I got some good shots for my photography assignment.

K thinks that this could be Mr. Boo's wife

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Jennifer said...

Cute pictures! I love the Botanical Garden! I love K's face with all the first ones. She's so funny!