Saturday, October 25, 2008

Trip to Portofino

K and I were so excited that Eileen had a conference in Orlando. So we flew down to hang out with the Noah and Sonia (both from the same town K is from) while Eileen was in her meetings. While Eileen was working, here is what we were up to........

We started the day watching cartoons

Spent a lot of time in the pool

Ate ice cream

Loved the waterslide at the hotel

Sonia was just tall enough (36") to go on the slide!

Noah won the canonball contest!

We all spent an evening playing mini golf

K got hit in the face by the squirting snowman

We spent a day at Disney's Wild Animal Park

The goats weren't so wild-but so cute

K and Noah did some drumming

We had a little time after Eileen and the kids left so we went back to Blizzard Beach and played the South Pole Course. K got a hole in one!

The hotel looked just like Portofino. After a glass of wine I could almost pretend I was in Portofino-one of my favorite places in the world. Think I could use a trip to the REAL Portofino. As a friend of mine says, practice the 3 P's as often as possible. Paris, Provence, Portofino!

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Jennifer said...

Looks like a great weekend! Glad ya'll got to spend it with friends!