Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Walk to School Day..... the rain. Today was Walk to School Day. This is always such a fun day-everybody out walking to school. This morning when we started out it was drizzling and still dark. At first I thought that maybe they had cancelled Walk to School Day because we were the only ones out. Nobody on our street goes to public school but once we crossed Northside (yikes!) there were more people out. We caught up with Lizzie and her mom and walked with them. It was so nice to chat with Elizabeth and get caught up on things. Usually on Walk to Day there are all kinds of fun activities going on a lot going but this morning everyone just ran in and headed for their classrooms. I walked part of the way back with Annabelle's dad. Nice to get caught up with him-this year is going by so quickly we have not seen Annabelle since school started. As I crossed Northside it really started to pour but guess who was waiting for me with a big hot latte? Winston! He drove me the rest of the way home.

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