Sunday, December 8, 2013


The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of dinner parties and Thanksgiving.  We had some friends over for dinner the weekend before Thanksgiving.  I just reset the table and was ready for Thanksgiving!

Serving pieces out and labeled.  OCD, who me???
Sheila and I had planned a champagne toast but she was late and everyone was well into their wine and we couldn't refocus them on champagne.  
I am thankful for friends but most thankful that Leticia works on Thanksgiving.  She said she worked hard but had a lot of fun.  Love her!!!
K was thankful that Charlotte and her mom made it to Atlanta for Thanksgiving
Wild child Olivia
Santa stopped by our table at the St Regis while we were at a baby shower

And we had another dinner party because Louise (Mignon's sister) was in town and we were celebrating Mignon's cancer free scan!!!  We laughed about the past two years.  Little Mignon helping me load a trumeau into the van when she weighed 85 pounds.  I was the only one who told her she looked good. Now she is complaining because she weighs 110.

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linda said...

Awww- love your updates and your beautiful tablescapes! Miss K is so gorgeous! She looks like she's ready for college! Blessings of the Season
-Linda, NY