Saturday, September 13, 2008


K goes to this very fancy dentist-The Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry. The summer that I hosted her they donated dental check ups for all of the children. Our first visit did not go well-K cried and cried (not like her) and would not open her mouth. They were so nice-they had Spongebob cartoons on a screen on the wall and overhead. They brought in a puppet and played dentist with the puppet. I called my Russian speaking nanny and had to talk to K on the cell phone. No luck. We finally gave up. This group of dentists has continued to be very generous to Kidsave and always donates whitenings, etc... for the Kidsave silent auctions. When K's adoption was complete and we were home I was dreading our first trip to the dentist. I took her to the dentist with me so she could watch me having my teeth cleaned. When it came time for her visit to the dentist I was so nervous-much to my surprise she hopped in the chair-gave the cartoons a thumbs up and opened her mouth. Luckily, she only had one small cavity. She loves going to the dentist and always asks when her next appointment is. I love this dentist because they have internet access, they serve wine and all kinds of drinks and fancy snacks. When she went to the dentist this week they gave her a couple of pairs of rubber gloves that she just loves. She slept in them!
Glubs? That is what she called gloves when she was little.

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