Friday, June 28, 2013

Flying By

This summer is flying by.  We got home from Chicago, did laundry and hit the road (actually we flew and drove) to Minnesota.  K loves all things Asian.  Technically she is Asian since Kazakhstan is an Asian country.  My cousin's children have gone to Concordia Language Camps in years gone by-German, Spanish, K decided that she wanted to try Japanese camp.  When I signed her up I didn't realize that the Japanese camp is not in Minneapolis but in FAR western Minnesota.  We weren't really comfortable with putting her on a bus to who knows where so I decided to take her.  Sooo.....we flew to Minneapolis, drove to faaaaarrrr western Minneapolis, I came to a rolling stop (just kidding), dropped her off and hauled back to Minneapolis to catch the last flight back to Atlanta.  Flight was delayed and I got home at 2AM.  Most annoying part was that they did not speak English at the little tent by the side of the road where I dropped K off.  I spent the whole week worrying that I dropped her  off at the wrong spot.  I think she was happy to see me go.  For some reason I got an huge Expedition when I rented the car and when I opened the door I forgot how high up I was and fell out.  Between that and the guy speaking Japanese to me and worrying about catching the last flight back to Atlanta my nerves were a little frayed.  Fast forward 4 days to Friday.  I flew back to Minneapolis-flight delayed, got in at 1AM.  Stayed at a kind of sketchy hotel near the airport and got up ay 6AM to drive out to faaaarrrr western Minnesota to pick K up.  We got home at 11PM and K had grabbed the wrong green duffle at the airport.  Luckily, the owner lives in our neighborhood and we go to the same church.  Whew!
A quick stop for lunch in Fargo, ND, the closest town to K's camp-K was so tired she said she didn't sleep all week
I made her pose in front of the Fargo Ale tap.  Good beer!  So much for my mother of the year award.  Seriously I should get a mother of the year award for all that driving and flying!

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