Friday, June 21, 2013


The day after school was out we drove to Atlanta.  On Friday we left for a wedding and week in Chicago.  The wedding was perfect-beautiful bride, handsome groom, great food, picture perfect setting.  The only problem was that I did not take my camera so all I have are iPhone photos.  How do some people get such great iPhone photos????

Bagpiper was a nice touch
 Fireworks during the reception
 Groom (on the left) and friends
 I shoe shopped while K went to camp at the Art Institute of Chicago
K walking back to the hotel from camp-hopefully those braces will be off in 6 months so she will start smiling again
 More shoe shopping-this photo makes my thigh look huge
 Dinner in Chicago with BFF
 Lounging by the pool while K was at camp
 This baby isn't a baby any more!
M's birthday-glad we were in town to help celebrate

 The view from the gym at our hotel
 Lions in front of out hotel wearing Blackhawk jerseys
 Loved the doormen
 View from the other window in the hotel gym-Neiman's and Saks calling my name

K declared that she thought she could live in our hotel if we had a penthouse suite.  I think we both have a little bit of Eloise in us.

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linda said...

Ooh, I especially love this post- my daughter is headed off to Univ of Chicago come fall- I have only visited Chicago on a business trip in the winter...Your pictures give me hope of sunny days!