Thursday, May 30, 2013

From Skating to Shooting

I am so happy that summer is almost here-school is out tomorrow.  We took a quick trip to Sun Valley for Memorial Day weekend.

We stopped in Salt Lake and had dinner with these fun people!
It was really chilly in Sun Valley!
K skating with cousins.
But the girls favorite activity was shooting.  They loved it!  My cousin and I were a little creeped out with how much they loved it!
The guy who taught them to shoot was so sweet.  

Look how happy they look.
Early one morning-it was in the 30's.
The place we stayed was so pretty.
We stopped at Craters of the Moon-it is a 600 mile lava field.  It reminded me of the Big Island of HI except that the fields were formed by fissure eruptions instead of a volcano. 

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linda said...

Wow- K is getting so grown up! I remember when she was just a little girl. What a lovely family you are.