Tuesday, July 2, 2013

More Summer Fun

Finally back in Atlanta, K and a friend went to circus camp and learned to juggle.  Poor child is in math camp this week.  We went to one of the wildest weddings I have been to in a while.  Rearranged the living room.  Had a little dinner party.   Now we are off to the beach for the 4th of July.

 That little speck is Sheila doing a reading at the wedding
 Loved the signature cocktail (I could use one right now!).  Notice that little bulb thing?  That was a tomato mozzarella shooter.  The bulb was filled with vinagrete and the tomatoes and mozzarella were on the pointy part.  You were supposed to squeeze the bulb as you ate tomatoes and mozzarella.  Adam and I tried several to perfect the technique but finally gave up because we did not want to ruin our appetites.  I kept choking on the vinagrete.
 K and I.  I am in very tall shoes and she is in flats.
 So pretty.  The brides' maids dresses and hair were so pretty.  Their hair was all done in the same way-it really looked pretty as they were all kneeling at the altar.
 K and Lisa and Howard.  More bad iPhone photos.
 Sheila and Helen.  I loved how the dance floor was surrounded by sofas.  It was so nice to take a break from dancing and lounge around.
 The bride and her father.  Love how their monogram is projected on the dance floor.  So many amazing details.  

The first course.  Followed by amazing halibut and tenderloin.  And at midnight french fries, milkshakes in cute little glasses and fried chicken sliders.

Some pretty peonies that I bought. 

 The night after the wedding I had a dinner party.  In spite of the fact that the wedding lasted until 2AM we managed to rally.

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linda said...

You and K look gorgeous at the wedding, and love your living room!