Saturday, January 26, 2019

Last Christmas

Since this was K's last Christmas in high school we decided to go big! She may want to stay home for the holidays when she is in college next year.
We decided to to to French Polynesia with a stop in California. Any stop in California requires at least one stop at In and Out Burger. In this case 2 stops because I had to bribe K to go back to the airport to look for my Kindle. We didn't find it so we had to make a Christmas Eve stop at the mall to buy books. She was a good sport.
We spent the first night at the Bay Club in Newport Beach and watched the boat parade. Actually, K watched tv and my friend Stacy and I watched the boat parade. The next night we moved up to Pelican Hill. We had a beautiful room with a fireplace and we relaxed and really enjoyed just hanging out. We went to Stacy's for Christmas Eve and had a great time. Wonderful food, singing and games. 
Christmas night we were off to Tahiti after Japanese BBQ.

Moorea was our first stop in French Polynesia. We had an over water villa that had a view of Tahiti.

Breakfast on our balcony.

On to another even more spectacular over water villa in Bora Bora.

Relaxation room after massages

Beautiful pool

Ray feeding

Coffee table in our room with top that slides off to feed the fish

These pictures do not do our room justice!

Breakfast delivered in a canoe.

Ceviche making lessons. So yummy!

We also went on a cruise that went to several smaller islands.

Lots of chickens on the grounds of hotel in Moorea

Several lizards lived in our room.

This is the extent of what there is to buy in French Polynesia. Every thing is imported. Food was very expensive and not great.

We spent the last night in Tahiti. This was a wedding that was spectacular. This picture does not do it just. The singing was beautiful.

Watching the sunset in the bar, K ordered milk and got a very strange look.

My download got jumbled. Moorea.

Bora Bora

A ride in the canoe while we were waiting for breakfast to be set up.

Final night in Tahiti.

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