Saturday, June 28, 2008

Eet ees feeneeshed

I think that French people love to say "Eet ees feeneeshed" to Americans. Translation-it is finished. There was a terrible accident on the periphique on our way to the airport. A trip that should have taken a half an hour took 2 hours. We got to the airport at 10:30 for our 11:30 flight and we told that it was finished. So.....I got on a flight to Philadelphia, spent 5 hours in Philadelphia and finally got home around midnight. Poor Bev was put on a flight to Newark, then a flight to Cincinnati, spent the night there and finally flew home to Chicago this morning. Whew!

Don't get me wrong. I like French people. In fact, I love all things French.

Sorry I did not take my camera to France so no photos. The trip was so hectic and it would have been just too much to keep up with my camera. And, unfortunately, there is so much purse snatching in Paris, it would be hard to carry around my camera and keep up with my purse. Our dear concierge had her purse stolen in front of our hotel while we were there. The hotel is on a very quiet street in a nice area.

But for wonderful photos of Paris my favorite blog is Paris Daily Photo.

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a. said...

I was supposed to go to Paris in May and the trip was canceled. I heard it was so expensive! I am still sad I didn't get to go!