Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sweet Trouble

K is home from school with a fever today. When I went into check on her Trouble (my oldest cat) was watching over her. Trouble usually avoids K. As Liza, one of our little neighbors put it "Trouble is a fragile little guy"-K is a little rough for poor Trouble. I call him my little nurse cat because he always comes to the rescue when someone needs to be cared for. Last year when our wonderful old lab C.A.T was very sick Trouble moved all of her toys (some as big as he is!) upstairs for her every night and brought them downstairs for her every morning. He also groomed her paws for her every morning. When Kimmie (another one of my labs) was sick he groomed her paws and ears every morning. Little Trouble will be 14 years old in January-we have been through a lot together!
I had never wanted a cat and got Trouble quite by mistake. I was working with a wonderful organization CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocacy) that works with children who are in the foster care system. I was working with a little girl who had to be moved back into foster care. While she had been living with a relative she had gotten Trouble. She called me in tears because she had a leave Trouble at home and did not know what was going to happen to him. And not to mention that they had moved her with just the clothes on her back. I picked her up and took her to get her clothes and I put Trouble in my car. He had ringworm, roundworm, mange, mites, fleas, etc.... So I got him all spruced up and he has been with me ever since. Too bad things are not that simple for kids in the foster care system. Please check out CASA if you are not familiar with this organization-it is a fabulous volunteer organization that does so much for children.

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