Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It isn't easy being K

We spent the last part of our summer in Aspen.


A night at the rodeo

A return to the scene of the crime! The ice rink where I broke my arm two years ago. No ice skating for me this summer!


Fun in the park!

Visiting the dogs of Aspen at The Aspen Times and Kemosabe.

Always out looking at real estate. Does it get much more beautiful than this? Maytag Ranch near Salida in central Colorado. Buy 1,000 acres of land and you get 110 pounds of beef a year. Burgers and steaks. Yum!!!!!

We didn't always eat healthy. Besides there is not much between Salida and Denver.

We wrapped up our trip with a day at the Denver Zoo.

Love these sweet looking bears. One night while we were in Aspen we had dinner with our friend, Annamie, she was late because there was a bear eating berries right outside of her door. She had to wait for the bear to leave before she could join us for dinner. The police received reports of 26 bears in 3 days. A bear even went into a fur store in town.

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