Saturday, November 14, 2009

Puppy Love

I was having lunch with a friend last week and mentioned that I thought I was finally ready to get a new dog and that I was sure when the time was right the right dog would come into our lives. The next thing I knew she had emailed a friend who she thought might know of a dog. Sure enough, she had just the right dog for us! Within hours we had spoken and made arrangements to meet Luna. It was love at first sight for K. Luna is a wonderful five year old golden retriever. She was a show dog and then retired to be bred but got an infection after her first litter of puppies-9 boys and 1 girl. She then went to Canine Assistance to help handicapped people. Unfortunately, the wheelchairs made her nervous so once again Luna needed a new home. We think she is in her forever home! She is so sweet, we absolutely love her!


Quatrefoil Design said...

She is so beautiful - you will not believe how much she looks like our dog Ben. I wonder if she was from Pekay Golden - many of their goldens have that smooth silky fur (this is where Ben is from). Very exciting - can't wait to meet her!

a. said...

She's adorable & I love her name :)

I have really been lost without Baci and am dying to get another dog/s. Maybe in the spring!