Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy 4th!!!!

We are off on a road trip to visit many cousins.  Our road trip includes crossing Lake Michigan on a car ferry.  Will post a lot of pictures when we return.  This picture was taken during K's first week in America.  The picture was taken at a party that celebrated Winston (our Jamaican) becoming an American citizen.  K and Winston became citizens the same week.  When K traveled to the United States from Kazakhstan she came here on a visa but became a citizen as soon as she entered the country.  I had an envelope of paperwork that I got at the American embassy in Kazakhstan that said "DO NOT OPEN".  In customs in Atlanta there is a special area where we went and handed over the paperwork and after a short wait they gave me back some papers and said "Welcome to America" to K.  A few weeks later K got a letter from George Bush welcoming her to America.  This letter is one of her prized possessions.  She loves to read the letter and says "George Bush, JUNIOR!" and giggles after the Junior.  Happy 4th!

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