Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Long Road Home

I planned the trip home so we did not have to spend any really long days in the car.  We drove from Aspen to Vail and stopped at the farmers market, then on to Golden (outside of Denver) and had lunch with friends and then on to Colby, Kansas where we spent the first night.  The next night we drove to Kansas City for the night and then on to St. Louis for the next night.  And finally home.  Nothing to see along I-70.  Not true!  K thought that the Prairie Museum and Prairie Dog Town were so much fun.  I loved the wide open spaces, blue skies and fields of sunflowers.

The largest barn in Kansas at the Prairie Museum-we got to climb around in the haylofts

Five legged cow at Prairie Dog Town

Identifying hides at the Children's Museum in Kansas City

Tight rope biking in Kansas City


Eloise said...

What an adventure you had! I loved reading about and seeing pictures of all you and K did after leaving Dallas.

I am woefully behind on blogging (both reading and writing) but plan to post a picture from our dinner this week. It was such a treat to meet you not once but twice!

Please keep in touch.

Jennifer said...

You girls have been busy! So Dallas huh? Oh my, it's my favorite place in the world! Would you open a store there? I can't wait to hear more!