Monday, May 23, 2011

Growing Girl!

K and I are officially the same size.  The good news is we can wear each others clothes.  Actually her feet are much bigger than mine are.  I'm thinking that next Halloween she could dress up like a nun and I could wear her school uniform.  Unlikely that I will be able to talk her into that.
Earlier this week when I picked her up at school she was wearing a jumper instead of the skort that she was wearing when I dropped her off.  Her skort was too short (you have to love Catholic schools) so they took her to the used uniform store at school and made her change into a jumper!  There were only seven days of school left.  Our neighbor explained to K how she pulls her skirt down when the teachers walk by.  My little rule follower would have none of that.  I let the hem out of her skorts but she was so worried that they were still too short.  There were serious tears at breakfast because of the angst about the length of her skort.  I hope that this incident has not scarred her for life.  

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