Sunday, December 18, 2011

Busy Weekend

K and I had a busy weekend.  We started Saturday morning with breakfast at Parish with cousin Bill and his girlfriend Aparna.  It is hard to believe that next semester will be his last semester at Emory.  Then it was off to a glass blowing class at Janek Studios to learn to make hand blown glass Christmas ornaments.  At first I was a little unnerved because the class was all adults.  I was really worried that K might get burned.  The teachers were so helpful and I am always amazed at K's laser focus when when she working on a project.  One of the people in the class commented that she would not be able to make an ornament without the help of the teachers, K thought for a moment and said she could do it if she made herself a check list.  Our ornaments take several days to cool so we do not get to pick them up until Thursday.

These ovens are seriously hot so you have to wear a protective glove on the hand that is closest to the fire.

I don't have K's laser like focus.  I was getting a little frustrated with my ornaments!  That is not a knife in my hand, it is a giant pair of tweezer like things that you use to pull the glass to create shapes.  

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