Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wind, rain and hail

Our spring journey break got off to a slow start.  Our flight to Maui was delayed for an hour because the AC on the plane was broken.  Then we boarded the plane and we were delayed again because there were no briefing cards in the seat backs.  I can't make this stuff up!  We finally took off and after about 5 minutes in the air alarms started going off.  The flight attendant was frantically talking to the pilot on the flight attendant phone. The plane turned around and finally the pilot told us were headed back to the airport.  When we landed the plane was surrounded by fire trucks and we taxied to the gate.  We were then told to stay seated and firemen in silver suits with giant axes boarded the plane. They finally let us off the plane and never did tell us what was going on.  We had to wait 5 hours for another plane.  K and I bought almost every magazine at the airport.  We finally got to Maui at 2AM or 7AM Atlanta time.  We were pretty delirious!  Thus was the start of our rainy and windy trip to Maui.

A big plate of cotton candy for desert!

Exploring the tide pools

BIG waves in Kapaula

A group of 5 chickens running around the beach side bar at the Ritz Carlton.  Seriously!  
Finally some sun!

Enough with the pictures!

Another blustery day

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