Friday, September 28, 2012


It started beningley enough-a new spin place opened in my neighborhood that I wanted to try.  A Groupon showed up in my inbox so I bought one for me and one for my neighbor.  We quickly became addicted to Flywheel.  I really miss those workouts-I have tried some other spin classes in Dallas but have not found anything that I like as much.  Although I am addicted to Flywheel that is not really the addiction problem.  The problem is Groupon.  It got so bad this summer, I was buying one every day for my neighbor and me.  Manicures, pedicures, yoga classes (both in Atlanta and Dallas),facials, microdermabrasion, Keratin treatments for K and Liza and on and on.  Most have worked out well.  There were the chimney sweep guys who did not show up but Groupon gave me a credit.  And the exercise place that I thought was barre classes that turned out to be pole dancing.  Groupon gave me a refund for that one also.  Most recently I have been buying Groupons for things to do on the weekend with K.  I have bought horseback riding, trips to wild animals parks and endangered animal sanctuaries.  This past weekend we went to a wild animal park.  They had a lot of interesting animals and the employees were so knowledgable and nice.  We had a great time in spite of the heat.  And I am going to resist Groupons for a while until I have used all of the ones I have.  Managing these Groupons is like a job.

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Lori said...

What, why would you NOT want pole dancing classes?! lol
Love, love, LOVE that first zebra, he's GORGEOUS!!!!