Saturday, October 27, 2012


People ask me how we are adjusting to our move.  Overall it has been relatively simple.  It had been a long time since I had made a major move.  I was transferred to Atlanta 14 years ago by Cisco Systems. I remember something as simple at that time as transferring my Junior League membership was a nightmare.  I cannot remember the exact details but a stack of cards has to be sent from Orange County to Atlanta and it kept getting misplaced, lost, etc,,,,  With this move everything has been so easy.   I was able to change the addresses of everything on the internet.  I sill use the same monster mega banks, prescriptions were transferred by our pharmacy.  There is an incredible Whole Foods here.  We still get the same pizza on Fridays nights that we got in Atlanta.  We frequent the same places we did in Atlanta-Target, CVS, Paper Affair, Neiman's, J Crew, Starbucks, etc.  Things have been made easier because I lived here in my 20's and still know a lot of people.  We do love the culture here, the food and the people.  Texas people are so friendly and so nice.  I am missing the beauty of Atlanta, especially fall right now.  I miss the architecture, beautiful landscaping and great design stores.   

The school K is attending is very large but the children are in "pods".  The same group of children rotate between 4 classrooms that are in a U shape around their lockers so it has not been as intimidating as I thought it might be.  The teachers are excellent.  Homework is manageable and meaningful.  So far I think this school is much better for K than her previous school.

And there are sidewalks here.  Love that!  And they just opened a FlyWheel.  I have everything that I need.


Eloise said...

I am so glad things are off to a good start here! Let's get together for a glass of wine soon.

Lori said...

That's wonderful that you all have adjusted so well! Especially with the school.