Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring Break 2013

K likes the beach and I like Europe so we compromised and went skiing in Italy.  We flew in and out of Venice so we added a day in Venice after skiing.  Then we flew to Lyon for the weekend so I could shop for art.  We stayed in the small town of San Cassiano about 2 hours north of Venice in the Dolomites.

It snowed the night we arrived and this was our view when we woke up.

Loved the snack bar with the cows on the roof.
So pretty how the clouds moved in and out
The Dolomites are really rocky-they give the Rocky Mountains a run for their money
Love the sun flare in these pictures

We used to get adorable little gingerbread houses like this every Christmas from an Austrian bakery in Aspen

Another cow on a roof
K and her sweet ski instructor
Loved the van drivers from our hotel who took us skiing every day.  Could not figure out what was up with the green aprons.  They carried everything for us-loved that!

It snowed the night before we left San Cassiano.  We took a walk in the snow.

I did not age well on this trip!
And then we stopped in Venice.  This was the view from the restaurant in our hotel where we had lunch.

K and I waiting for the water taxi on the dock of our hotel.
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Love the view of the snow capped mountains from the water taxi on our way to the airport

Bye bye Venice

Photo from the plane window on our way to Lyon.

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linda said...

Your photography skills are really coming along!!! Love thses pictures. K is getting so grown up!