Saturday, January 3, 2015

Christmas 2014

Christmas was a bit of a blur.  Our house was under construction until the week before so I did not do much decorating.  Poor K had her tonsils out the day after Christmas.  It was rough!  The first few days were not so bad but as time went on the pain became worse and worse.  She is finally feeling better.  She really doesn't like ice cream so she has been eating mashed potatoes and risotto.  

Went to this annual and always fun party.  Look at how big Evan and Jake are getting.  Why is it that Sheila and Lisa never seem to look any older????

If you look really hard you can see our Christmas tree.  Waiting for curtains and more help from Gerrie Bremmerman.

Traditional Christmas dinner with these favorite people. 

And then early, early the next morning it was off to get the tonsils out.

Didn't get enough of our favorite friends on Christmas so had them for dinner the day after K's surgery.

K was feeling well and entertained.

Apparently Olivia was not impressed.

And these two came to visit.  

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AMKS said...

Lots of lovely friends together - so nice to take a peek at your gathering. Hope K is fully well by now. Happy 2015 - a long time reader in Austin, TX :D