Sunday, December 6, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

For Thanksgiving we went on a Caribbean cruise.  It didn't seem very much like Thanksgiving but it was nice to get away and K really needed to break.  She did spend a lot of time studying while we were on our trip.  We started in San Juan and stopped in St Barts, St Kitts and Tortola.  We were supposed to stop in Turks and Caicos but it was too rough.  So we ended up with 3 days at sea.  K got in extra study time and I read a lot.  

When we got back we got two more foster kittens.  I think we are starting to loose track of how many kittens we have fostered!

The food on the boat was pretty institutional so K was happy to get some heathy, fresh good food.  Clean plate club!

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