Friday, April 27, 2018

Foster Pets

We have had so many foster pets, I have lost count. The kittens, especially, have been too many to count.  Lots of dogs with medical issues.

Antwon an older guy with skin issues

Lunchbox, a puppy with a broken paw who constantly kept us entertained!

Luke who was adopted and went missing for over a year.  He was finally found and this picture was taken of him when I picked him up form the shelter he had been taken to.

One of the many kittens

Ollie, a 13 year old blind and deaf guy who is about as sweet as they come.

Evie, K's favorite.  We cared for her until she recovered from mange.

Beegee.  A sweet guy who was wild while he was at the shelter and had been overlooked for months.  He calmed down and became a snuggly guy at our house and was adopted within a week!

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