Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mr. Boo!

Meet our cat! His name is Bert (after my father), but his name morphed into Bertie Boo and then Mr. Boo. He mostly goes by Mr. Boo these days. I had him for 4 years before I adopted K but he quickly became her cat. By day, he is a wild hunter-tearing around the neighborhood chasing chipmunks. When we hears the school bus he waits at the top of the driveway for K. By night, he is the most snuggly guy in the world. He is tolerant of most anything K does to him. He always sleeps right next to her-all stretched out. I hope there isn't anyone from PETA who reads this blog.

He doesn't mind exploring his feminine side!
I love his spotty tummy!

~Santa paws~
Notice the bite out of his ear

K thinks this shot of his tooth is so funny
How much longer do I have to have to wear this?
He really does look cute in this shirt from Poem-my favorite childrens store in Paris

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