Monday, December 15, 2008

Ho, ho, ho

I can't believe this is K's third Christmas! The first year we went to see Santa, she had a huge list, but when she got off his lap she told me that she only asked him for a book. Poor Santa lost his voice this year so they did not do a lot of talking. He is so sweet, he remembered us. K told me that she didn't really sit on his lap, she just kind of squatted. She cracks me up. We go to Santa at our favorite baby store, B. It is great because it is in a small shopping center and is by appointment. We park right in front, walk right in and are out in 10 minutes. A little chatting with the store owner-trying to convince her to carry older kid clothes. She says there are none to be found. And then next door to Taqueria Del Sol for yummy Mexican food with a family who was in Kazakhstan adopting thier daughter at the same time I was adopting K.

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a. said...

So cute and I love Santa!!!