Friday, December 12, 2008

Lunch in a Hummer

Last year at the beginning of the school year K came home and said she wanted to go to lunch in a Hummer. I thought that surely something had been lost in translation. She kept insisting that she was going to lunch in a Hummer. Turns out that was the prize for selling the most wrapping paper. I had a broken arm last fall so I was not much help with the wrapping paper. Plus several years ago I bought a life time supply of wrapping paper from the daughter of a friend (you know who you are, you best friend you). So every afternoon Winston (our driver/errand runner/wrapping paper sales helper, etc....) and K would head out and sell wrapping paper. She won the contest but unfortunately was at Lindamood Bell so did not get to collect her prize. With Winston's help she won again this year! So off we went today to lunch at Willy's in a hummer. Not so sure about the value system this is teaching my child!


a. said...

That is hilarious. Great story!

Jennifer said...

K did all that work and all those kids got to go to lunch? I hope Winston got to go to lunch too. :)

This is a cute story :)