Saturday, August 21, 2010

K's Big Summer Adventure

K and I took a very ambitious road trip this summer.  We drove from Atlanta to Dallas where we spent 5 nights.  Then we drove from Dallas to Santa Fe for a few nights and then to Aspen for a week.  Our trip back home took us through Colby, Kansas, Kansas City and St. Louis.

We had a wonderful time in Dallas visiting old and new friends and spent a day at Hurricane Harbor to get out of the heat.  It was around 105 every day that we were.  I didn't take any photos in Dallas.  This is the first photo I took on the trip when we were in Amarillo on our way from Dallas to Santa Fe.

K at the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo

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Jennifer said...

That is so funny! I wish we would have know about our trips too. We went through Amarillo on our way to CO, but I've never stopped at the Cadillac Ranch. We need to do that next time!