Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mutton Busting and a Kindle

A trip to Aspen isn't complete without a night at the rodeo.  We love the  barbeque and games for the kids before the rodeo.  We had friends from Atlanta who were in Aspen so getting to spend the evening with Cate and Madison made it even more special for K.  The girls decided that they were too old to participate in mutton busting this year (Madison has a trophy from mutton busting a few years ago!).  Truth be told, Tracy and I were thrilled because it was a muddy, cold night.  
Kimmie (my BFF from high school) joined us at the rodeo and since I hadn't seen Kimmie since last summer we had a lot of catching up to do.  We were sitting in front of the rest of group and it occurred to me that Tracy was being very quiet and that we were being kind of rude by not including her in our conversation.  I turned around to talk to her only to realize she was so quiet because she was reading a book on her Kindle.  She cracks me up!  

Madison and K

Cate riding the bull

K getting nuzzled by a sheep

Let the games begin!

A mutton buster holding on for dear life!

Glad I am not her mom!

Does this sheep look maniacal or what???

Looking pretty chaotic!

Another muddy kid!

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