Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas 2010

K is so grown up and on the fence about Santa.  I think I am more disappointed than she is.  On the other hand she did a three hour marathon at mass on Christmas eve.  We got there at 2PM for 4PM mass so we could get a seat.  Michael joined us to help us save an entire pew.  Even with a whole pew we were a little squashed with Sheila and Helen's families.  After mass we went to Sheila's annual Christmas eve party.  It was so much fun and we stayed much later than planned.   Up early on Christmas morning and then to John and Kathryn's house for breakfast.  Dinner at the Langell house is a favorite Christmas evening tradition.  As dinner was ending it started snowing like crazy.  We ended up with a white Christmas, unusual for Atlanta.  We skipped the neighborhood Christmas night party because of the snow and we had a very early flight the next morning.

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